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A chemical labpack is generally defined as the packaging of containers of small quantities of waste (usually chemicals in containers less than five gallons) into a single container for storage and shipment.  The waste materials are segregated and packaged according to compatibility and chemical properties.  This is the area of service that we specialize in. 

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our mission


Labpacks Unlimited has the unique ability to find a proper disposal facility for all types of waste.  We have fifteen years of experience in hazardous waste management.  We work closely with all types of hazardous and non hazardous waste disposal facilities in order to ensure that your waste is handled properly.  This allows us to be more cost effective and responsive to all of your waste management needs.

All Labpacks Unlimited employees have completed the forty hour OSHA hazardous waste training course and have extensive "hands on" field experience. You can be sure that we will handle every aspect of your waste disposal needs in compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations.

We carry a comprehensive insurance policy covering general, professional and pollution liability.  The policy is provided by The Fedeli Group of Independence, Ohio.  

Our Services


At Labpacks Unlimited we offer a wide variety of environmental services which are listed below. 


  • Free Inventories

  • Unknown Identification

  • Segregation

  • Packaging

  • Proper DOT labeling

  • Transportation

  • Disposal


With Labpacks Unlimited, no project is too small or too large and no customer is too far away.